200 Different Poker Chip Diamonds Set With Aluminum Case

Considering that the whole Poker Tour in the world has become an event, many have begun to get involved in enjoying a superior pokergame game. Poker is fast becoming a popular game whenever neighbors gather for holidays. If you want to have the following neighborhood poker party, all you need is really some snacks, some beers along with soft drinks and a very well-known poker collection to show one other player that you mean business.

For those of you who can’t afford to buy poker collections at very high prices, there are plenty of collections with medium budgets that are rather prominent. One of them is 200 bright diamond poker chips made with aluminum  7meter .

. This example supplies a lot for the price range in the neighborhood of around $ 35.00.

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The casing itself is made of strong but lightweight aircraft aluminum which has a higher silver luster. The upper part is clearly visible, made of scratch resistant Plexiglas that allows you to see the material inside.

The instance base is wrapped in green shades.

After you put all of these attributes together, you only have one compelling, modern example that most people proudly show off to their friends and neighbors.


The chips consist of 200 clear Diamond Poker Chip Sets with Aluminum scenarios are 9 grams of clay composite chips, which feel and look like chips and also make amazing c-links when thrown into stacks or swept in big wins at that time. You get a hundred pieces of white, 50 red, and 50 blue pieces lined up neatly.

Additional Products

In addition to the processor and case, the 200 Clear Diamond Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case also includes 5 dice and two decks of cards that are arranged attractively in the middle of this scenario using chips that are bleached on one aspect and dark blue and red chips on the opposite side. . This combined collection offers whatever you need for several poker matches, from black jack to texas, making it ideal for any poker gathering environment.

Considering the quality of the material and also the state of the design, the level of chips and extras contained in the 200 Diamond Poker Card Sets with Aluminum Casing, this is an excellent starter kit for individuals who are just starting out in the world of poker gaming environments. That reasonable price will make it a very attractive offer and can also make amazing gifts for friends and relatives who enjoy excellent video poker games.

While you will find a number of other poker chip collections in the industry today both are increasingly expensive, 200 different Diamond Poker Chip Sets with Aluminum Case are still a great alternative to mid-range poker collections. Whoever decides this will not be disappointed in its design or quality and you can also enjoy decades of poker using this set.

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